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The Massif of Makay, 135Km South of Ambatolahy has interested at first the scientists, Film-makers, and the amateurs of crazy bets.
Explored for the very first time in 2007, it is considered one of the places least known on the planet. For lack of exact estimation, its surface would extend on 152Km length and 46Km wide...
Contrary to Isalo, which possesses a central tray, Makay presents a complex entanglement of embedded valleys and inaccessible mountains.
A promise of passion in dotted line …


Day 1
: AIRPORT-HOTEL (Antananarivo)

- a representative of the agency assures the welcome at the airport and we take care of the transfer to the hotel…

Day 2

· We leave early in the morning to get to the village of Ambatolahy (about 14h trip) ...

· During the route, we can discover famous tops-trays, catch sight of the rice fields and the people who work in it, of the manufacturers of bricks, and eventually counting on the fortuitous meeting of the customary ceremony (Famadihana) ..

· Having lunch and dinner to the local restaurant ..

· Overnight stay in Ambatolahy’s inn ..


- In the morning, we leave the Village of Ambatolahy aboard one 4X4, while driving softly, looking to reach the village of Anjazafotsy, where the hike, the following morning, begins ..

- stop at noon to have lunch, or picnic in the nature ..

-resuming of the track in the afternoon, still moving toward Anjazafotsy ..

- Dinner and Overnight stay at the patrolman hike’s place ..


Departure in the morning after breakfast to follow the track, being guided by the patrolman of the adventure-discovery..

- stop around midday for lunch, Bivouac formula

N.B: keep in mind that the duration of this hike extends almost all day long..
 Day 5: - the beginning of the discovery of the endemic fauna in its natural environment … (lemurians, etc.)

- bivouac in the evening and dinner ..
Day 6: Continuation of the route

- stop at noon for lunch

- Contemplative hiking in the park almost all day long (little predictable climbs) ..

- Bivouac and preparation of dinner in the evening ..


- we penetrate into the center of the Massif and we delight in his wild beauty, until height of about 150m ...

- Sight and discovery of the small Canyons ...

Day 8
- We gradually leave the park..
- we progressively end our hike, then we ride zebu’s carts to reach the river Mangoky ..
- bivouac in the evening

- We come down on the river Mangoky, bivouac formula ...
- Luxuriant nature and possible meeting with the local population...

Days 10 NAVIGATION- Landing Stage

-Leaving the last camp and arriving at the landing stage at the end of the morning...

-transfer of all luggage and personal belongings in the 4 x 4 car provided for this purpose, which will take us to the village of Ranohira, during a journey of about 7 hours ...


Minimum number of 4 participants..
- Included in the Package:
-An accompanying guide (Hamed) or substitute..
- Transport with cars from Tananarive to Ranohira (Starex and 4 x 4 ) driver + fuel included ...

-Full board during hiking and on the river, + 2 X 1,5 l of mineral water


-Kitchen utensils

- Local Insurance...
For more guarantees, Credit card Visa, Mastercard or Cirrus Insurance, if having left the national territory for less than three months, otherwise Personalized travel insurance for the time of visit in Madagascar or for the pack of the Hike only ...
-Zebus carts (transport of persons and personal effects)


Not Included in the price:
All other activities or personal expenses from Ranohira
Necessary to provide:
Pharmacy box, each individual or group must have preventatives like anti-malaria, sunscreen, anti-mosquito, anti-diarrhea, first aid equipment, etc ...
-Other equipment to consider:
swimwear, sunglasses, camera, binoculars, light clothing, sweater for the evening, down, camping tent, individual folding mattress for the bivouac, well closed walking shoes, sandals, cap or hat , flashlight and headlamp ...

For the terms and conditions:

-Reservations can be made by e-mail or telephone, and 50% of the total amount must be paid at the time of booking and all must be paid before the trip is made… 25% will be retained in case of cancellation from the customer and full refund will be made in case of cancellation from us. -PayPal transfer bank transfer is strongly recommended for the 50% at the time of booking, or in cash, but if the customer is on site, and prefer to pay the rest of the reservation on the spot and in cash, no problem…
Minimum registration : 4 packs

Amazing beauty of nature on the way !
Picnic on site
Pause on the way
Pause sur le chemin
About to get on the river ..
Little trip on the river
Village women getting supplies
Work in the fields