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Moisturizing cream in the Assila rose oil

The Moisturizing cream in the Assila rose oil brings an ideal protection to the skin, either normal, dry, sensitive, mature or subject to the early ageing; It represents a care adapted to the structure of the weakened skins by hydrating them strongly.
This cream spreads out easily and engenders bénéficial sensation of freshness.

Assila moisturizing cream in the oil of prickly pear / 2

The cream in the oil of prickly pear constitutes an excellent anti-wrinkle product for the very sensitive skins, and help to fight against the cutaneous dessication, improves the hydration of the skin, slows down the process of ageing of the skin while protecting it against the outside attacks (sun, wind; pollution)

Huile de Fenugrec

Fenugreek Oil 60 ml
Oil rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B5 and D, repairs the delicate and greasy or dry hair, and slows down their fall, effective against the cutaneous irritations and the cracks of breasts..
60 ml

Rose Oil

Oil of pink Rose
- Repairing and anti-ageing, formulated without paraben nor silicone
- Sweetness and Comfort of the body and the hair…
75 ml
Aasshiqui 2- Piya Aaye Na
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