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Soap 100% natural
Argan oil (80 grs).

- Rich in essential fatty acids, omega-6, vitamins and polyphenols, this soap is a real care for the skin of the face
and the body, thanks to its moisturizing, antioxidant, regenerative and healing properties. It cleanses acne skin and leaves it glowing and radiant.
- It moisturizes, nourishes and protects dry and dehydrated skin, and is suitable for all skin types.
- To use as often as you like on the face and body
80 grs

Sweet Almond Oil

100 % natural, rich in vitamins A and E, softens and feeds dry skins and tired, also softens babies' skins ..
- Against the cracks of breasts and lips ..
- Beauty of eyes, nails and hands ..
- Against irritations and light burns ..
- Haircare
60 ml

Castor Oil 100% natural

- For the skincare of face, body and hair.. Nourishing and soothing..
- It suits even perfectly in nail care and hands, for the make-up removal and damaged hair.
- It favors the growth of lashes, eyebrows and nails..
- Remedy against the black spots...
60 ml

Cosmetic Argan Oil
500 ml

Cosmetic Argan oil: (hair, hydration of the skin, Bronzing, Healing of the skin, for diverse dermic affections, as the Acne, etc.... ).
Smooth dried out skins and the face, used for massages, feeds hair and nails damaged, making them more resistant; relieve burns, shade off the scars of Acne ..
Aashiqui 2 - Chahu Main Yaa Naa

Miss Helena Firming
cream Argan based

Miss Helena Firming Cream ultra-nourishing formula helps repair your skin day after day. Its rich and nourishing texture penetrates rapidly.  this cream improves firmness, reshapes facial contours and prevents sagging...
Sold in 200 ml conditioning..

Miss Helena Lemon Oil
Moisturizing cream

Miss Helena Lemon Oil Moisturizing cream brings an ideal protection to the skin, either normal, dry, sensitive, mature or subject to the early ageing; It represents a care adapted to the structure of the weakened skins by hydrating them strongly.
This cream spreads out easily and engenders bénéficial sensation of freshness.
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