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Bart Sharp has been an intuitive healer and advisor for the last fifteen years by using tools of access of consciousness, in shamanism and by psychological principles helping the customers free in a permanent way their emotional traumas, blockings in their relations and at the same time help them find greater love in themselves. One of Bart's talents lays in his capacity to perceive the traumas and the emotional limits in the body of another person within the memory of the cellular body. Bart facilitates a deep connection to the first origins of the limits and then uses curing tools of his own to free, transform and awaken the person in a new freedom in life.
Bart Sharp a été conseiller intuitif et guérisseur pour les quinze dernières années en utilisant des outils d'accès de conscience , en chamanisme et par principes psychologiques pour aider les clients à libérer de façon permanente leurs traumatismes émotionnels, leurs blocages dans les relations et les aider à trouver un plus grand amour en eux-mêmes. L'un des talents de Bart est sa capacité à percevoir les traumatismes et les limites émotionnelles dans le corps d'une autre personne en la mémoire du corps cellulaire. Bart facilite une connexion profonde aux premières origines des limites et utilise ensuite des outils de guérison pour libérer, transformer et éveiller la personne en une nouvelle liberté de vie.
Bart Sharp fue un curandero y consejero intuitivo por los quince últimos años utilizando herramientas de acceso de conciencia, en chamanismo y por principios psicológicos para ayudar a los clientes que liberan de modo permanente sus traumatismos emocionales, sus bloqueos en las relaciones y ayudarles a encontrar un amor más grande en ellos mismos. Uno de los talentos de Bart es su capacidad de percibir los traumatismos y los límites emocionales en el cuerpo de otra persona en la memoria del cuerpo celular. Bart facilita una conexión profunda a los primeros orígenes de los límites y utiliza luego herramientas de curación para liberar, transformar y despertar a la persona a una nueva libertad en vida.

Natural Healing
Sree Devdeep, founder of NEW ATLANTIS , with Shaman Bart, and Paul Bugarach
DEEP FOREST - deep Forest
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Bio Bart Sharp
Excerpt From “The Healing Planet”
By Bart Sharp

Nature has the strangest ways of showing its awareness to you.  At the end of a dance class that was held in a park the teacher suggested each one of us go sit alone under a tree and ask the tree what it has to say to us.    It struck me as an odd exercise but I loved nature.  I was willing to give it a try.  
I went to an old live oak tree that was at a crossroads in a garden that many people frequented.  There I sat in between its roots that were like gigantic snakes crawling on the ground with my back prop comfortably on its large trunk.
Following the instructions of my dance teacher I simply asked, “Mr. Tree is there anything that you wish to tell me?” I sat patiently reviving from my class. Nothing happened immediately.   In the next few minutes I sensed a slow moving calmness that felt like earth move into my stomach.  I had no reference for this but I was sure it was the tree itself within me.  The earth energy moved to a fuller place in my body.  I could hear a slow silent voice inside me that was unmistakably the trees.
For the next twenty minutes I enjoyed a slow moving dialogue of  the tree’s daily life.  It was not exciting in human terms but was most certainly a tree’s daily goings on.  The tree shared how it felt to have the wind and sun on its leaves.  The refreshing burst that rain possesses when it is firmly in the tree’s roots.  The tree wondered why everyone passed it by and how the sound of children laughing around it was so pleasing.  It was a mundane conversation.  I walked away from that with no new revelations about the earth.   However, I learned how easy it was to talk to trees.
Over the years I continued to converse in the world of trees wondering if there are lessons to be learned from them.  The same type of stories were shared each time.  It was generally something very simple.  Finally I realized that the trees were speaking with the concepts that I was willing to fanthom.  I was not questioning how I could open to a greater awareness with them.
I begin to ask what the energy of the trees felt like.  I would touch a tree and ask to perceive its energy.  Suddenly my body felt different.  My sensory systems were interpreting the trees consciousness by resonating their essence in my body.  It took no special training, it was a natural process for my body.   My body always seemed to feel lighter as I touched the trees.  I knew there was something to it.
It quickly became apparent that each tree had a specific vibration.  Oaks were generally smooth and steady, they generally held much of themselves strongly in their roots.  It was different that an elm who flowed upwards to the sun.   Cedars had a much denser feel.  Redwood trees vibrated at the finest minute frequencies as if they were the most evolved of trees.  Young saplings were much like children they ran at a very strong pace, I could see why so many died duribg droughts as they did not conserve themselves.
I found it was quite easy to perceive the energies of trees.  In a short time I could hook into the trees by just placing my attention on them.  Soon I could feel clusters of a forest.  It was a chorus of energies merging together.   As I meditated on the trees I asked: “What places do you live in outside of the world that I see?”
I began to perceive the most minute particles coming from the trees it was the particulates between the molecules.  The trees were aware that there was no separation between themselves; the air, earth, sun and each other.   It was a constant exchange of awareness.  Particulates held information from other trees or objects that could be integrated into another tree.  That is how everything was exchanged.  The tree is a whole body sensory system in other words there was no special place that takes in or deciphers information it just happens simultaneously through out the body.  I had been told by one of my teachers that we had the same ability but were only using a minimal capacity of it or believing that our brains does all of the processing.  
It explained so much how the world worked from a psychic’s perspective.  As I brought my attention to trees I could perceive their vibration so at some level I was tapping into some of the trees capacities.  Yet there was still much room to grow within my own awareness as I could not go where the trees exists.  
As I developed these abilities I saw that I could apply these tools to people and perceive what they are like.  Humans were much more hardened.  With the exception of children and people that did a lot of spiritual work whose energy exudes all around them people were much denser energetically.  The dense human barriers were the energy of their defences.  Somewhere inside of them it is expanded but their suppressed selves are coiled around that lighter self so that it is utilized much less.  The mind has some interesting ways tying us up in our limitations.
From that perspective I knew that trees and the earth had much to teach me.  I begin to try different things in the forest and in my urban backyard.  
I had recently moved into a neighborhood that the previous owners were neglectful of a potentially beautiful backyard.  The past tenants basically used the back to dump a variety of materials which gave it a ‘trashy’  appearance.  As I became more acquainted with the yard the message was simple.   The backyard was an unhappy space and felt somewhat disconnected from its source.  
Over a period of the next few months I would sit in the back for a few minutes each evening in the backyard.  While sitting my attention went to the center of the earth.  I envisioned the magma that is there, pure power, a source that invigorates the planet.  Next I visualized the energy of the core would come up into the yard and up through the roots of the trees.  As I did the exercise I always felt alive as the energy came in me as well.   As a result of this practice there seemed to be more of a connection between myself and the yard.  As I improved with the skill I would pull the earth lava up through the entire neighborhood. 
In those few months working on the yard began to become much easier.  As we began to beautify our place so did the neighbors.  Interestingly enough property values increased dramatically over the next five years.
Large elm trees towered in the back yard as did a variety of older trees on the entire block.   One evening a huge storm arrived in the night.  The next morning almost every yard had large limbs broken in all of South Austin.  On our street alone almost every house had major damage including the homes nearest to us.  In our yard only a few branches were broken even though we had the tallest trees and they were exposed to the winds due to the position of our plot design.
In the forest I enjoyed pulling energy through the trees.  An activity that I often played with was that I pulled energy up though the earth into a tree.  When the tree had absorbed a good amount I would pull the energy from the tree to me until it all felt delightful in me.  At last I completed the cycle and gave it back to the earth.  It enlivened all involved.
One fall day I was in the woods communing with the earth and trees.  I asked the obvious question to a tree.  “Where does your energy go when the leaves have fallen?” 
The tree told me that the spring time was a time for the sun to relish in it.  The summer was to stay strong, the fall and winter began the journey with the roots.  Its target was to bring the trees awareness to the core of the earth.  The roots would grow in that direction but the awareness of the tree goes inward on a journey.  What I perceived was; this was a spiritual pilgrimage for trees that they take each year.  It was as if it was their own quest for god.
I was teaching some classes at an apartment complex that backed up to a large greenbelt.  In preparation for the class I was outside where there were planted small oaks close to trees raised in nature.  As I placed my consciousness into the oak trees I was surprised how the energies were different from the domestic and wild trees.  At the same time it all made perfect sense.  The domesticated trees imitated the awareness of those who planted them as well as nature.  What a difference it made I was looking at the same oak species from two different worlds.  
The first step was I said hello to the human grown tree which I got a smaller response.  Then I pulled energy up from the earth for a minute.  It seemed to get the trees attention.  The perception I had was a separation of the tree from nature.  It basically did not know how to reintegrate itself just like a tamed animal not knowing how to go back into the wild.  I ask the infinite intensity of conscious of the tree to please activate time a billion times a billion.  The energy in the tree perked up and I asked the tree if it would like to live with the other wild trees.   I got a positive response.  Next I pulled the energies from the other wild trees to the man grown tree.  I was being a facilitator energies between the trees.
In a few minutes of energy work the tree felt like the trees.  As I frequent the apartment complex I would check in on the tree.  It always felt wild.
The movie and books of the ‘Star Wars’ series explain a concept called ‘the force’.  A life force energy that flows through everything.  The Jedi Knights are able to harness this life consciousness to be able to create beyond normal abilities.  This concept is not too far fetched from our reality here.  
The knights connected to something much like we have with the trees.  Those who are able to let go and be with it had done some phenomial things.  I look at my own experiences and see that I am much more opened to creativity and psychic abilities when I am connected to nature.  
The Healing Planet
Bart Sharp is a teacher on a variety of topics in the area of personal development including his popular "Communion With Nature " series. He also works as an intuitive counsellor and energetic healer. Bart has always felt a deep connection with nature going back to his childhood in the rural post-oak regions of North-Central Texas. During Bart's experiences in communing with nature it has accorded him a variety of gifts such as: a comfort, an inspiration and a tool to expand consciousness. Nature has become one of Bart's best teachers.
Bart Sharp's Therapeutic Work With The Shadow Side.
Developing An Eye For Beauty

In the words of St. Francis of Assisi, “God is everywhere.” However, for the mundane eye, God may be difficult to detect. The recognition of the beauty of nature is a tool that connects us to the awesome miracle of what nature is.

Enjoying the beauty in nature is more than appreciating the scenic splendor. It is looking deeply into the miracle of nature so that it is a stimulus to open us more fully to our own sensory perceptions. Nature can sharply tune us into the multiplicities of awareness that we are already absorbing, but not cognizance of. It is a walking meditation of visual awareness that can open us to a transcendental experience.

Begin by slowly walking in the woods or nature silently. Each thing that you view, see it only in its beauty. It is a meditation of attitudinal perception. Whatever you lay your eyes on, be grateful for its presence and acknowledge to yourself the beauty that it is. Yes, even the broken branches or the dead bird, covered with flies.

This exercise is not a process for you to understand why something is beautiful to you or define what it is that makes it adorable. It is simply seeing a leaf, and enjoying it for what it is. You may already know why some things are beautiful, such as moss on rocks, lichens on a trunk, or the shape of maple leaves. Look at everything and enjoy every part of it that you can. Do not judge any it. All of nature is phenomenal in an unconditional perspective. This is an exercise in allowance of the smorgasbord of delights that nature is.

As we look at each aspect of nature with acknowledgement of its beauty, something begins to occur in our own body. Our heart begins to open, or our skin may feel more sensual, or our senses may become more alert. We begin to open to the vulnerability in us through our connection to the non-resistant world of nature. Our body begins to resonate with the energy of the woods through our non-judging openness. We view the beauty in every step we take.

When we open ourselves into this space, we see that there is nothing common in nature; it is extraordinary in its infinite creation. When the beauty becomes your full-undivided focus, you open that same extraordinary experience in your self. Through the process of mirroring the experience (you admire the beauty and the beauty reflects back to you) of the beauty of nature you take it on in your body. The happy sensations in your body will be your message that you are expanding into nature’s space. This is a glimpse of what our essence is; we are as infinite as nature is.

Of course, when we are appreciating nature’s beauty our mind will try to contract; to bring us back into mundane thought patterns. That is the mind’s habit. Allow your eyes to guide you back to wonder, and to appreciation of the beauty of the forest. Do not judge or blame you for going off task; it will happen.

As you view, be aware of how your body sensations change. For example, the lightness that you may feel first is in your heart. As you remained focused on the beauty the expanded sensation will probably expand or transfer to other places. Then, you may begin to feel your energy expand out into the forest, or maybe expand to the point that you cannot discern your energy from the forest.


The joy of being in acknowledgement of the forest is the same beauty that you are in yourself (yet you may not acknowledge it). This exercise opens you to a space to receive your own inner beauty/abundance. Nature’s prosperity has no real limitations or boundaries as it has no judgments of itself. It is a great consciousness to emulate. The more you let your defenses go down and be present with the earth, the more that you become a part of it and receive it.


You can be different; you can receive more from outside and at the same time, receive you more. The forest is an ego by-pass, it can give you a direct connection to your heart and soul. That is the miracle!
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Before you begin your walk, ask your body a question that you would like to find an answer to, or resolve within yourself. As you expand into the forest the information may come into you. Nature facilitates you in finding the answer that is already there, hidden inside of yourself. I stop, write it on a pad, and then return to my walking meditation.
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I would like to believe that if a god-like being visited this world he/she would see this acknowledgement of the love and beauty of nature. Nature would respond in return by flourishing in god’s presence. Then the god being would go to the city and have the same communion with the city itself; with the people in it, the McDonalds restaurants, trash sites, and everything else. After all. those things are living beings in some form. Like nature.

Nature is a training ground for us. There it is safe, without restrictions. We can expand to feel how great and infinite we really are. When we return to the city we can bring that with us to share wherever we go.
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“Living in an open awareness to nature opens oneself to creativity beyond the mind.”
Ah-Nee-Mah - Ancient Visions

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