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Extracts from "The Oneness revealed " Part 2

Karma in the causal-ego-state:

" One wave, good or bad, once stirred, cannot help affecting the entire body of the water. "

Two types:

Black: essentially negative karma, generated under unrefined impulses, through the outer, non-subtle and untransformed physical, vital, mental and emotional consciousness.

Black and white: mixture of negative and positive karma, generated under a blend of instinct and intuition (antinomianism), through the outer, non-subtle and untransformed physical, vital, mental and emotional consciousness.

Subconscious impressions are the causes, motives, mental substrates and stimulus generating black and black-and-white types of karmas .

Karma in the Beyond ego state

" It is as cutting a reel of thread: one cut and all is cut …
It is as dying a reel of thread:one dip and all is dyed "...

Two types:

White: positive karma, generated under the vigilance of " the witness’s eye”, through the inner, subtle and transformed physical, vital, mental and emotional consciousness.

Neither white nor black: Akarma, no-generated under the vigilance of the “witness’s eye”, by Kallitara jnana, or knowledge revealed in the final stage of maturity. (Mainly by Saints or Maharshis)...

And then, Sanchita karma, destiny stored up for future lives, applies to black, black-and-white and white types of karma.

Agami karma, destiny being created in this life applies to black, and black-and-white types of karma.

Prarabdha karma, past karma which must be experienced in this life, applies to black, black-and white, white, and in neither-white-nor-black types of karma.

One must be aware that all bodies are supported by the sole force of Prarabdha.
Even Saints and Maharshis are not an exception to the rule. As a matter of fact, they face it in a more sophisticated way.
So far, we could specify three karmic modulated intensities, within Prarabdha karma:

Dridha karmas (fixed), which are so intense that they may not be transformed,or even eased. Thus they project forward those seemingly “fated events”either pleasant or painful , which apparently would seem to appear as "fate" which will occur inevitably, in spite of all our efforts to create or prevent them .
Good and bad effects produced by:

Dridha-adridha karmas (fixed/unfixed), can be transformed by whoever is willing to apply the concentrated creative will through the purification process necessary for it; however, in the absence of any steady effort, their predictive effects will manifest.

Adridha karmas (unfixed) are so easily altered, that you may do more or less what pleases you when time has come to face their fruitions.
Similar degrees of karmic intensity apply to all the domains of the existence.

Adridha karmas of health, for example, produced diseases which go their course and disappear from themselves (unless one strengthen them).

The Dridha health- karma can produce chronic diseases, which can usually be controlled by means of intensive therapies, but will continue to worsen if neglected.

Dridha karmas in the field of health tend to produce conditions which refuse to respond even to the most heroic treatments...

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Puddle of Infinity


Here are considered  three  main tendencies in the  speculation of mystics:

-To regard God as residing outside the soul, in which the mystic rises to God by successive stages of practice;

- To regard God as dwelling inside the soul, to be found
by delving deeper into one's own reality,·

- To regard all beings as the manifestation of one Supreme Lord, and show compassion to all beings.

Karma's by-products:

The karma that one performs in dizzying numbers, grow and   mature at different  rates, making one lifetime insufficient for   one to experience all their effects. Each intentional act creates  a karmic residue (karmashaya), which conforms either to  dharma or adharma. Each residue has various samskaras (dispositional traces) which produces numerous results,  including two types of vasanas (residual impressions).

While one sort of vasanas stores the memory of the act, the other produces kleshas (afflictions).Erroneous  conceptions  or  perceptions  cause  people  to  remain in bondage, creating yet further karmic residues.
Moreover, the memory of a former incarnation can fasten one  more firmly to error, if one cannot digest the experiences one  had therein, and that is probably why nature doesn't allow to remember or to recall past lives, as long as one is in danger of being overwhelmed by them.

When a being dies, its Psychic Being (the sum of its attached samskaras  and  vasanas  gathered  together  within  its field awareness prepares for rebirth.

The residues determine Jati (the kind of body, e.g cat, tiger, or human), Ayus (lifespan), and the
varieties of Bhoga (pleasure or pain), that the new body will enjoy or endure during its lifespan, as each residue matures to give its fruits.

(Rnanubandhara, or binding karmic debt).

The energy flux that actions initiate creates a debt, that is payable to you if you sent energy to this object, and that you must pay off if you extracted something from that object. Blessings and curses bind one to whatever has been blessed or cursed, and if they're strong enough, take on lives on their own to pursue you, unless one has developed or obtained powers regarding divine mysticism, granting immunity.


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