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The four jewels (extracts )

The Ayurvedic concepts of Life.

Ayurveda” acknowledges three forms of Prana, or Life-Energy, as being the cause of good health or sickness in every one of us.
These are the three doshas, or biological humors, respectively known as Vata (Air), Pitta (Fire), and Kapha (Water).
Doshas means “that through which health is affected”, evoking by those words the eventual turn into malignancy of any of these three humors.
Vata signifies “wind”, Pitta “bile”, and Kapha “mucus or phlegm”.
Wind, Bile and Phlegm are the three main factors for toxins to cause pain and ailments, while accumulating in the body.
The Wind causes dryness, rigidity, nervousness, and debility.
The Bile, a fire hypostasis, causes infection, inflammation, bleeding and fever.
As for phlegm, congestion, oedema, and obesity will develop.
What we are aiming at, through specific asanas associated with a diet reestablishing harmony within the subtle energies, is to avoid doshas accumulating into the site of origin; for Vata, the colon, for Pitta the small intestine, and for Kapha the stomach.
Sites where pathological process takes initially place.
Each dosha, or humor, has a definition and a quintuple subdivision summarized thus:

For Vata,
rude, light, cold, subtle, hard, capable of movement.
Its nature is desire, related to attachment.
It is Prana Vayu, Udana Vayu, Vyana Vayu, Samana Vayu, and Apana Vayu.

For Pitta,
associated to heat, and energetic movement.
Oily, sharp, hot, luminous, smelling, moist.
Its nature is pride, related to anger.
It is Prana Agni, Udana Agni, Vyana Agni, Samana Agni, Apana Agni.

For Kapha,
associated to cold and stability.
Its nature is sleep, related to narrow-mindedness.
It is Prana Jala, Udana Jala, Vyana Jala, Samana Jala, and Apana Jala.



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