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Extracts from
" The Oneness revealed "

Karma and Transmigration

"From the foetus to the corpse, does the inner organ furtively passes and as such enters a new body, at the time when circumstances, by-product of effects being fully ripened come into fruition, and as long as imperious necessity stands.” ( Sree Narayana ).

When we single out events in nature, we see that each one of them is preceded and caused by one or many such events which follow one another, by causing many to come in the future with the aid of the cause to effect law .
Karma or the inner urge that causes the events, is ceaseless in nature.
For example, it is natural for the ocean that waves must be formulated on its surface. The size and force of one wave, along with the strength of the wind and many more factors, decide the size and force of the next vague ...
In that sense
, we can say that the karma of the first wave is carried on to the second wave. But both waves and their force, along with all other characteristics, belong to the ocean…

" Not in the sky,
not in the midst of the sea
nor entering a cleft of the mountain,
is found that realm on earth where one can stand and be from an evil deed absolved. "( Sree Narayana Guru)

Henceforth, I'd like to examine meticulously the real origination
of karma, by scrutinizing the twelve fold chains of causation :

1/Ignorance( Avidya)

Ignorance as non-awareness, ignorance as causal-ego-state

2) Actions (Samskaras)

Whatever deeds one sow, that will one also reap.
s are of various types, to enumerate them all would be a long and tedious task, therefore whatever kind of deeds one produces, generates basically the same kind of energies but inversely proportionals.

By the fact of committing acts, there is a quasi-impossibility to transcend the wheel of ' Samsara '.

However, acts generated in the Beyond-ego-state show themselves absolutely neutral as regarding Liberation.

Consciousness ( Vijnana)

, non-subtle,untransformed physical, vital, mental and emotional bodies, bind one into the self-made boundaries of one’s egotistical contents.

4) Name and Form ( nâmarûpa )

Name and form hide reality, strengthening the causal-ego-state, and the separativity contained into it.
Transcend the name, the form, the space, the size, the shape, the age, the nationality, the gender, the stamp on the forehead or profession, the religious and non-religious state and dwell blissfully into Voidness, within Supreme Consciousness …

5) Six senses Organ (Sadayatana)

Six ways to perceive and to recognize the world around us, but also six ways to block the deployment of the witness within...

Contact ( Sparsa)

Contact generates vital and physical imprints or elaborations, identifications, and as such might drift into the causal-ego-state .

However, if the beyond-ego-state is already there, everything can be perceived by multifariousness of virtues …

7) Sense-perception (Vedara)

How will your perceptions be felt?

Through the causal-ego, or the beyond-ego-state?

8) Desire ( Trisna)

Desire is the main causation leading to attachment and transmigration.

Attachment ( Upadana)

Attachment implies desire. Desire implies attachment.

10) Being ( Bhava)

Being, stemming from the vacuity, or state of non-being, is causation.
11) Birth ( Jati)

The birth is compulsory, as long as the Self hasn’t been fully realized within the Beyond-ego-state.

12) Old age and death (Jarumanana)

Our lower nature led by the ego-consciousness is elusive, and should be transmuted sooner or later,within the range of our successive lifetimes…

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